Azienda Certificata


‘Apulio’ olive oil history begins in 1951, when Mr. Antonio Cordisco, food business entrepreneur, recognizing the high quality of olives trees in the area, bought his first olive grove near San Paolo di Civitate and built an olive oil mill to turn the precious olives in an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil.

It was immediately a great success; the ‘Apulio’ extra virgin olive oil received the best appreciation by the oil merchants in Tuscany and Umbria.

The hand picking technique together with cold pressing, gave (and nowadays continue to give) a unique fragrance and smell that made this oil one of the most appreciated by the oleologists in Italy.

Roberto Cordisco (aforementioned Antonio Cordisco’s heir) farm from 1965 is fully devoted to grow monocultivar provenzale; it is located in the heart of the most productive area for this olive type between the mild highlands, in the northern part of Tavoliere delle Puglie and the adriatic sea.

Significant investments on olive groves and oil mill, together with an highly skilled staff, gave further qualitative boost to the company, currently well recognized in the high quality EVOO market.

Continuous quality improvements with no compromises and the best possible quality-price ratio are the main drivers of our philosophy. That allowed ‘Apulio’ extra virgin olive oil to be selected by some of the best italian chefs. They much appreciate the unique organoleptic properties of our EVOO both for cooking or as cold garnishment for their italian or fusion dishes.